If you think that your home needs to be refreshed by rearranging pieces of furniture or experimenting with a new color palette and/or new materials, or by adopting simple solutions like room dividers and partitions or false ceilings, then our team of designers will deliver exactly what you need.

Our team (architects, interior designers and decorators) will give you expert advice on how to restyle your interior, to make it more comfortable and cozier. After site inspection and a careful evaluation of the premises, we will identify the strong points of your home that need to be enhanced and the shortcomings that need to be remedied.

Our real planning will begin here. Based on your specific requirements, we will help you choose the best options to make your home more functional and more pleasant to live in, by adding a number of elements that make a difference: resins, concrete materials, wood paneling, wall paper or other home decor elements. In addition, the furniture will be rearranged according to the proposed improvements and your new choices.
Floor plan view and dimensions (possibly in dwg format) of your home, of the room or the retail premises that need to be restyled, indicating the location of fixtures (toilet drain pipes, heaters, electrical panel etc.) and possible structural constraints (columns, windows, French windows, etc.).

Panoramic photos that give us an idea of how the space is set up (no less than 10 photos).

A plan based on your requirements, including drawings (floor plans and elevations) 3-d rendering, mood-board with color palette and materials and reference images of the proposed pieces of furniture, as well as hints about the possibility to build, remove or form an opening in internal walls, add a false ceiling, etc.

If necessary, we are also able to produce detailed specifications for fixtures and lighting.