If you think that the interior space distribution does not add value to your home and you are planning to renovate or alter it, if you are in the process of buying an apartment in an outdated building that requires refurbishment, or you are purchasing an unfinished building and have no idea about how to organize its interior space and you need an expert who advises and guides you through every step of he project, from the placement of fixtures to the choice of wall coverings for kitchen and bathroom, finishes and furniture, someone who assists you from concept to final installation, then our renovation team will deliver exactly what you need.

Our team manages and oversees the entire project, from building permit application and paperwork, to contacts with site manager, plumbers, electricians and installers, floor fitters and wall covering installers, painters and decorators, and will give you the best possible advice and assistance in your home decor and furniture choices.

Our highly trained and experienced renovation team will perform a measured building survey, showing the location of fixtures and structural elements. Based on your brief and after having decided how extensive your renovation will be, we will then prepare a complete space planning solution. Our rendering will give you an immediate visual impression of the renovation and the changes underway.

In addition, we will give you bespoke CMF (color, materials and finish) specifications.

When the draft plan has been completed, we will prepare a detailed cost estimate of work and materials.